How to Win Back Lost Customers With AxJab Cart

Are you losing some of your customers after they’ve received a payment error message and because of this they abandoned the process of purchasing your product?

Don’t worry! Here you can find how to easily win back those customers by using Axjab Cart:

Customize Your Error Message

Set up an error message – AxJAb Cart allows you to set an error message, which is sent to the customer when a payment error occurs (a Mobilpay integrated option). Use error message to provide alternative payment information like bank account, contact support etc.

Create A Zap Based On The Error Message

The following information should be included into the error message:

  1. Product Name on the subject line
  2. Product Name into the e-mail body
  3. Set the error message to get a Gmail account

Error message example for the subject line:
Payment Error {product_name}
Error message example for the e-mail body:

Hello {first_name} {last_name},

Unfortunately your payment has failed due to an error.

Product Name: {product_name} 
Customer E-mail: {customer_email}

You can try again by using the initial link or make the payment by bank transfer:


Payment error reason (if any):  

Tudor Mateescu

Try to have unique product names (as you use Gmail search).

6 Easy Steps To Create A Zap

  1. Sign-in with your Gmail account
  2. Start a zap based on a Gmail search
  3. Use Gmail search by subject line:
    subject:("payment error product name ")
  4. The following step into this zap is to select TEXT FORMAT – Extract e-mail from ZAP
  5. Extract customer e-mail
  6. Then set the next action you want. This could be:
    1.adding the e-mail address to an AutoResponder to send a series of e-mails to resume the payment process
    2.sending a payment message including various payment methods (payment links, coupons, bank transfer info etc.) directly from Gmail.

So, it’s easy to win back and convert those lost customers with Axjab Cart!

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