Pre-populate Cart Fields With Clever Links Cookie Variables As Soon As The Lead Subscribes

Let’s say we have the following scenario:

The Scenario

  1. Visitor John Doe comes to your website
  2. John receives the invitation to subscribe
  3. John enters his details:
    1. Name
    2. Email adress
  4. John lands on your page, where you have an offer:
    1. a sales letter page
    2. a video sales letter page
  5. The offer has “add to cart” links that support pass through variables like Thrivecart

The Classic Way

In the classic scenario, if John Doe is going to the checkout page he must enter again his details (email address & name). 

This is a definitely a conversion killer, because it puts a lot more work on the users – so you could lose sales if you are doing it that way.

The Clever Way

Using Clever Links you can define cookie variables that can pass this data to your cart, or to any other page of your site.

So the user can enter his data only once on your website, and all your form fields or pages can be personalized with that data.

Let me show you a practical implementation on my site.

For this example I’m using:

  1. arpReach autoresponder (any autoresponder can do this by the way)
  2. The Form (that passes the data – see step 2)
  3. Thrive Cart
  4. Clever Links plugin

Step 1: Define The Clever Links Variables

I choose to define the following variables and name them exactly how my autoresponder is sending them back to me as GET:

Clever Links  → Add Variables

  • email_address
  • first_name

Step 2: The #1 Setting That You Need In The Autoreponder

This is what you need to set in your autoresponder, or in any form editor that you use to pass the data back using GET method.

Step 3: Inserting The Variables On The Cart ULRs

For this to work on my checkout page I’ve appended the Clever Links variables to Thrivecart variables like so:

Step 4: The Test (you have the form below). It will take you to the sales letter and when you go to the checkout page, your name & email address will be pre-populated (enter real data for this to work)



The Clever Links cookie variables also support the optional attributes:

  • name
  • type (input/hidden)
  • class

So you can blend this variables and input fields perfectly into your forms and workflow!


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