How I Manage 50 Landing Pages By Editing Just One Page

I’m the kind of guy that builds lots of pages for my main offer. Here is how I used to do that:

  1. I build one landing page as a standard offer – using WordPress and ThriveArchitect
  2. I clone that page in WordPress and change:
    1. the price
    2. the justification of the offer (Black Friday, New Year etc.)
    3. I add countdowns
    4. I make the sales page an upsell page by adding a box above it and a next_link bellow it
    5. etc.

Phew! That’s a tremendous amount of work for just one product and its offers. If I want to find them between my blog posts with WordPress search it’s crazy! I loose 2-5 minutes to get to the right page!

THE PROBLEM: if I’ve made a mistake, or want to add a testimonial after cloning the pages, I need to edit all the pages I’ve created!

The New Clever Way Of Building And Managing Landing Pages

  1. I build just one page and insert the Clever Links variables that I want to use
  2. I create a Clever Link Category where I put:
    1. my main offer – a clever link with standard price, promo price and payment URL
    2. I clone the main offer and add:
      1. upsell text
      2. prices
      3. payment urls
    3. If I have just one offer which I will discard later, I’m not even creating a new Clever Link, but just build an URL with variables!

Why is this easier? Well because the problem above has the following…

SOLUTION: now I don’t have to edit all my cloned WordPress pages, but I edit just the main page which has embeded the Clever Links variables… and… BOOM all Clever Links pages are now having the same content (the new testimonials, the new content that I’ve add, and so on)

So this is how I’ve gained a lot of time! And of course a lot of money, because I can make offers faster – and this does matter when you have tens of products, and when you are active on three niches!

I hope this post will help you understand the power of Clever Links, so that you will use it too in your bussiness, and stop the frustration of dealing with lots of pages.

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