Make A Funnel With Clever Links

To make a funnel with clever links you need:

  1. a lead magnet / subscribe page
  2. an offer page
  3. an upsell page
  4. at least two clever variables (very important) like:
    1. front_banner
    2. end_banner

The Classic Scenario

You would have this pages and put links and special banners on them. After that you would clone them and make another sales funnel and so on.

So you would end up with 6 – 12 pages in seconds! Pages that need to be updated (with correct prices, with new testimonials and so on).

The Clever Scenario

Step 1

Implement the clever viarbles front_banner and end_banner in the front of the page and at the end of the page.

This is the code I use for the “front_banner” element:

<div style="background-color:[cl tag='front_banner_backgr_color']">
<p class="tve_p_center bold_text" > <font color="[cl tag='front_banner_color']">[cl tag='front_banner']</font></p></div>

You can use this code with copy paste. And using this code you’ll be able to make colored text banners via URL!


Here is the list of Color Names Supported by All Browsers  that you can use in the URL!

Step 2

Populate the banner via the URL or by creating a clever link (recommende when you need to populate more than 3 or 4 variables).

Step 3

Did you create clever links? Create a category with this clever links! Clone the category! And voila!

You’ll have category with all the clever links cloned. Just edit the variables that you need to change (like price, links, banners) and that’s all! You have now a new funnel.

Easy, fast, self-hosted and it will not cost you 300$/month to do that!


If you want to change the design, add new testimonials, prices, photos, add/edit text you can easilly do so by editing the main tempate (directly from every clever link) and you’ll automatically update all your pages!








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