Let’s Build Offers In 3 Seconds With Clever Links

So the promise of Clever Links is that it will help you build offers faster without building new landing pages and alternate the standard offer.

Let’s see this in practice!

Step #1 – Define Your Variables

I defined the following variables:

  • offer_name
  • full_price
  • promo_price
  • order_button_text
  • expiration_text
  • clever_upsell

#Step 2 Build An Offer  → The Black Friday Standard Offer

Click here to see it (opens in a new window).

This is my Standard Black Friday Offer. It looks like this:

Now, this offer is packed with variables.

Step #3 Alternate The Offer  →  #1 Black Friday For My Facebook Followers

Let’s say I want to make a special offer for my Facebook followers.  What does it mean:

  1. I neeed a new title
  2. I need to personalize
  3. I need to set a new price

So I guess I will change the following variables:

  • offer_name = The Black Friday For My Facebook Fans
  • promo_price=45
  • clever_upsell=Hey Facebook Fan, this is for you!

Now I can create a new Clever Link (which hides the variables) or I can append the variable to my URL and I will have this URL:

https://axjab.com/demo-black-friday/?offer_name=The Black Friday For My Facebook Fans&promo_price=45&clever_upsell=Hey Facebook Fan, this is for you!

I copy and paste the URL in Chrome so Chrome will replace spaces. This URL I will use on Facebook directly or I can shorten it.

► See real example of this offer by clicking here.

NOTE: the payment URL is changed correctly too, because the URL on the button is defined like this:


So, the promo_price is replaced too, in the add to cart link!

Build yourself an URL with the example bellow and see how the prices and text changes!

Step #4 It’s your turn to alternate this offer

Now it’s your turn to alternate the offer. And why not, set your price and make a donation! Ha, ha 😛

Or better, take your Clever Links copy right now!

You can give any value to the variables and append them to the URL.

Step #5 – The variables can be private

This kind of tricks are ideal for a non tech niche (as a note, I use it in a tech niche too) but you can define variables right inside Clever Links (embedding HTML codes, modifying elements’ value and so on). The links generated will be unique, just like this standard offer.

Here are three examples generated with short URLs and no variables appended to it:

  1. Santa offer with video background – click here to see it
  2. Santa offer with animated gif background – click here to see it
  3. Santa offer with static background – click here to see it

As you can see you can freshen up your offer with every clever link that you create (and it’s very easy because you just clone the offer, and change one variable!).

I will show in another post how to change the background.

Clever Links Is Compatible With Thrive Architecht And The Old Thrive Content Builder

The design of the offers in this examples where build using Thrive Content Builder but it works with Thrive Architect(affiliate link) too. Also you can embed WordPress shortcodes in the variables, but this is another topic.

Clever Links Explained In 2 Minutes

I hope you’ll find this useful.

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