Are you administrating dozens or hundreds of offer pages? Stop your torment right now!

In Just 3 Seconds You Will Be Able To Generate Any Offer With One Link Without Having to Build Dozens of New Pages

- Try an intelligent software that transforms any WordPress page into your own template. -

First, allow me to show you 4 impactful offer pages generated from a single, standard offer page:

Standard Offer Page / Template (mother page)

Demo #1

Demo #2

Demo #3

Demo #4

4 New, Different and Impactful Offers
Were Generated in a Few Seconds!

Also, with this intelligent plugin you will be able to INSTANTLY change the following
(without being logged in as an administrator, no matter where you are):

  • Price
  • Colors
  • Texts
  • Static images
  • Animated images
  • Text formats (bold, italic, heading, underline etc)

It is compatible with any page and WordPress theme - so you won’t have to learn a new page builder!

Let Me Ask You a Thing or Two...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Do you want to save more time with pages management?

Any page created in addition to your main sales page will require changes in time. That means more work for you, so you need to have fewer pages to manage.

Do You Want to Create Impactful Offers?

Who doesn’t?! An impactful offer requires an impactful design - new elements (we will talk about this in the sections below).

Would You Like to Have Flexible Pages for All Types of Customers?

Not all people are the same! Therefor, not all customers are the same. Why shouldn’t you have a personalized offer? It can be personalized according to the way of expression, color, price, gender, even with the names of your customers and prospects!

Do You Want to Create Offers With a MINIMUM EFFORT?

Which marketer or entrepreneur who has ever created an offer page or sales letter doesn’t want such a thing? We all know that creating an offer takes time - even if it’s based on an existing one.


The no. 1 reason you don’t earn enough money is because you don’t create your offers fast enough and at the right time!

Do You Want to Reduce Your Costs With the Design Team?

The big players on the market work with an entire design and marketing team to create and promote their offers. If you are a part of them, read more to find out how your team can work 3 times faster (even 30 times faster when it comes to creating offer pages).

Do you want to work 3 times less and earn 3 times more?

If so, you will have to create offers 3 times faster, 3 times more intelligent, 3 times more effective and 3 times cheaper!

I Used To Spend Dozens of Endless Hours at My Desk, Stuck on a Chair, Creating Offer Pages…Until… I Figured It Out…

6 a.m. at my office. I open an offer page for product A. I realize that sales season is approaching also for products B, C, D and E from other markets and niches. I start running with my fingers on the keyboard to create as many seasonal offer pages as possible. WordPress pages are multiplying right in front of my eyes.

The big companies already have launched their offers and are cashing in.

Oh, no! I can see a mistake in the offers for products B, D and A. I am searching desperately for their pages to correct them. I have the main offer but can’t find the latest pages I have created in the WordPress administration panel. There are 6 pages that I need to edit. I am stuck here for hours and I feel I can’t even move my legs…

Until a certain question hit me suddently.

Am I an entrepreneur or a product catalog creator?

Am I a marketer or a brochure designer for a supermarket?

This madness needs to stop once and for all!

Then, I stopped what I was doing and started doing marketing. I found out…

The Secret Of Sales...

Which Is: Personalized and Relevant Offers, Sent at the Right Time

What does this mean? It means you have to be the right person, at the right time, with the right image and the right text… and with the right price!

I Have Identified 11 Crucial Elements For Impactful Offers Which Can Personalize Your Offer If You Use Them On Your Page

I will tell you which are these elements without asking for anything in return! The 11 secrets are:

  • Standard Price
  • Discount Price
  • Name / Title of the Offer
  • Color of Main Texts (Titles / Opportunities)
  • The Reason of the Offer / Occasion
  • Time Until the Offer Expires
  • The Payment Method (Link / Button)
  • The Message on the Payment Button
  • The Color of the Payment Button
  • The Image / Background Color
  • The Image of the Product

Create Offers Using These 11 Elements,
But Beware of the Rat Race Where I Have Fallen In… See the Infographic Below:

Let me explain one thing! CLIENTS WANT NEW OFFERS! Would you ever look at the big retailers catalogs if they would be the same every time, but with different prices?

OF COURSE NOT! You would throw them away immediately!

Oh well, this is what customers do with your common offer! THEY CLOSE YOUR OFFER PAGE IMMEDIATELY… if you don’t add NEW ELEMENTS to it.

Creating such offers after the minimum common sense rules of a special offer means creating dozens of pages and getting stuck on problems such as:

  • a great amount of pages to manage - a task too big for only one person
  • the need to recreate the pages
  • the need to edit dozens of pages
  • adding a testimonial or correcting a single mistake on 3-4 offer pages can take up to 15-30 minutes! For 10 products it can take up to 300 minutes just for one testimonial or a single mistake

Are there solutions until now?

  • You could abandon your dead pages - which can be indexed by Google if you were not careful and penalized for duplicate content
  • Clients can reach your old pages
  • Clients can get confused by your expired offers and may not take you seriously
  • You could hire a team of designers and webmasters for website maintenance (which could be expensive)

This is the nightmare of an online entrepreneur nowadays!

You will not focus on the product anymore and may end up managing dozens of pages!

Everything gathers and makes you tired… and lost between the pages you have created.

Even if you leave those pages behind, they stay there… 

...and will hit you back with no mercy, if you will try to search for a certain page in your WordPress control panel. It will be just like finding a needle in a haystack!

Do you think the fun behind this painful nightmare for your eyes, hands, wallet and time ends here?

Wait to see what happens when you will have:

  • 6 products, 10 products or more
  • downsell / upsell / crossell pages
  • more websites with products in different niches
  • Do you realize you could lose control of the situation? You will get lost in the maze made by your own pages and won’t be able to change everything in time!

But… don’t sweat. Don’t be discouraged.

The situation just became lighter because my team and I have created for you:

The Intelligent Software: AxJab Clever Links

An Intelligent Software Which Can Generate Instantly Any Personalized And Relevant Offer, With Just 1 Link! Anytime!

Yes, you heard right. All you need is a single link and you can generate IMMEDIATELY, on the same page, the elements you want. See the 36 second video below.

The WordPress Visual Editor Which Allows You To Personalize Each Variable!

It supports TinyMCE, TinyMCE Advanced and other plugins for the visual editor.

It also supports the well-known Ultimate ShortCodes plugin!

This way, you can choose those variables with high visual impact.

An Easy-to-Use System for Expiring and Redirection of Expired Links

Is it a true offer if it does not expire? Of course not! Why would you stay and watch the clock tick and then move the page manually, when you can make the entire process automatic?

This is why we have developed a system for expiring and redirection of expired links.

It is very easy: you just have to choose the expiration day and time and that is all!

There’s even more: you can create your own expired page message, so visitors will know what to do if they arrived too late.

 The Power Of Variables and TAGs from an Autoresponder Is Now Available On Your Site!

Do you use an autoresponder? Do you like calling your customers by name, {{first_name}} ?

Why not address them by name and other information about them on your own blog?

There’s even more: if you don’t have the personal information about every customer, I can teach you a trick so the page will be personalized for those whose information you have and still look good for those who haven’t provided any information. (see bonus #2 - how to take data from our autoresponder and insert on our page)​

SUPER Administration!

Do you have more products? Are you used to cloning page after page with the same content and small changes, on different websites?

Well, I guess at least once you had to change (add, delete, edit) the content on these pages.
For example, what if you have 20 offer pages (main offer, special offer, upsell, downsell offers etc) and you want to add a testimonial? You should edit 20 pages! Now, with Clever Links, your life just became easier: you will have to edit a single page and all 20 pages will update automatically.

Useful For Any Repetitive Pages: Download, Thank You, Confirmation, Support etc

If you are an experienced marketer you probably have noticed that some pages have repetitive content and only a small piece of text is unique. Here’s an example.

Pages such as:

  • download page
  • thank you page
  • order confirmation page
  • support page
  • subscription confirmation page
  • etc

All these pages are about 80% the same. Wouldn’t it be easier to have a single page for all of them, and the rest of the content (20%) to be controlled through a Clever Link variable?

For example: Instead of having 30 pages mixed with your website, you can have a download page category in Clever Links! Want to change instructions, support details? Edit a single page and all 30 pages will be updated by Clever Links!

You Can Add and Change Dozens of New Elements with High Impact Straightly from the URL

Would you like to create a fast, unique, personalized offer?

Nothing is easier! All you have to do is write the URL into the browser or change a variable from the administration panel.

You Can Build Your Own Funnel Without Having to Pay 300 $ / Month for Software!

You Will Find Below the Benefits for Experts Who Want More Than What They Have Seen By Now
Link Categorise

For super management

We all know the WordPress bad categorise system. Clever Links can be categorised as you please.

Fast Search

Find your Clever page immediately

With a smart search based on keywords, you will be able to find your Clever page immediately.

Crazy Cloning!

Clone categories with pages too!

Does your category include 10 pages? Do you want a new funnel? Clone the category and get 10 new pages!

Clone Per Link / Page

For a fast offer variation

Want to change offers and certain pages fast? Clone the page / link of and change what you want!

Generate Short URL

The generated URL is short!

Clever Links generates a short and unique URL. This doesn’t stop you from making it long and comprehensive!

Autoresponder Integration

Integrate your own autoresponder!

Ai un AR care "distribuie" o variabila precum {firstname_fix}? Adaug-o si in Clever Links si va aparea pe pagina! Isn't it cool, {First_Name}?

Hidden Fields Input

Sent with your form

You can define hidden inputs to include on the form. If you want to include several information into your autoresponder, add them here!

Super Automation!

Earn time. Do things faster!

With Clever Links you can automate and simplify a lot of page administration processes! The only limit is your imagination.

4 Things I Have Realized While Using Clever Links

1. I Lowered Time Spent On Pages Administration With 89,50%

Now, I spend less time administrating web pages and offers. Each time I receive a new testimonial for a product, I don’t get scared because of the amount of work I have to do! I just edit the `mother-page` template and all my pages update immediately. What if I make a mistake on 30 pages? No problem! I only have to edit the `mother-page` template and all my pages update in the same time!

2. I Have Built My Own Sales Funnels

Using a variable such as {text_next_page}, I was able to create a sales funnel for my products, personalized and relevant. I’ve put it into a category! After that, I only cloned the category and I got two sales funnels! I only had to change the variables in the second funnel and, after a few minutes work, the job was done. I felt so proud :)

3. I Escaped the `Depression of Success` and I Managed to Organize My Time Better

Yes! Success was stressful to me. So many pages, products, offers and customers were beyond my power to cope with. The only solution was to hire somebody, which I did not afford at that time.

From a marketer, I became a product catalog designer…

...until Clever Links showed up! Now I can generate `virtual catalogs` instantly, I can organize and manage them easily. With Clever Links, I am doing the work of 5 people in the same time!

4. Thanks to Clever Links, I successfully created an automated billing program with my autoresponder  

What I did was to define my hidden variables from the autoresponder (price, product name, currency etc) and I sent customers from the autoresponder to Zapier, which brought them right in front of the billing page.There’s even more to this: using an order box which links to the autoresponder, I have managed to set up a few personalized emails to remind the customer what does he have to pay and why.

To Be Honest… I am Still Discovering the Power of Clever Links!

This is why my development team is continuously adding new features that make a difference. I assure you, this is not bulls**t! It just came to me: if I use the correct variables, I can create small sales pages for products such as eBooks, online courses, videos etc.

Most of the time, marketing means algorithms and routines! Clever Links gives you the power to make the most out of YOUR algorithm!

Advice for Experts: A Sales Page Can Be Transformed An Upsell Page

Even more, if you use simple variables (text / images), you won’t have to create a clever link!
BOOM! You have a single SMART LINK! 

What Users Say...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Genius! Now I can administrate and organize hundreds of pages easily!

`This plugin is great. It helps me manage in a short time hundreds of pages for my projects. It’s easy to find what I need and the bonus tutorials I received helped me a lot and gave me a head start.`

Daniela Rusu (Maxim Promotion)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Sales exploded since I started using this plugin

`I am a huge Facebook Ads consumer and I enjoy making new offers every week. Since I am using this plugin, I have fun doing offer pages and sales funnels. I can make new offers in an instant!`

Laura Mateescu (Photography Author and Trainer)

Is Axjab Clever Links Right for You, ?

Here’s the deal. This plugin is not for everybody. See if you qualify:


  • Marketer
  • Webmaster
  • Blogger
  • Online Entrepreneur
  • Company
  • Solopreneur
  • Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Beginner who wants to develop his / her skills


  • Beginners with a blog on a free platform:, etc
  • People who are not comfortable with insertion of code and variables using copy&paste
  • Websites which are built using other platforms than WordPress

What Is Axjab Clever Links?


  • An Offer Pages Manager
  • A manager for html elements on pages (text / video / short-codes)
  • A WordPress plugin
  • A plugin that expires your pages
  • A manager who allows you to change your pages through the admin panel or their URLs
  • An online marketing tool
  • A good friend that makes your life easy!


  • A visual pages builder
Documentation and Support

You have unlimited annual support, based on tickets, in case you can’t find your answers in the manual, documentation and tutorials which we provide.

Including the Following BONUSES!

Order now and receive the following bonuses and benefits!

Unlimited Updates

You know WordPress updates its platform and plugins frequently? This is why we also offer unlimited updates as long as you own an active license.


FREE: Tutorials With Clever Links Tricks

These tutorials will teach you how to create a fast and impactful offer. Even more, I think you will learn HOW TO DO online marketing, not just how to use Clever Links! These materials are work in progress. They will be added ongoing and you will be notified by email when they are ready to download.

Start Today, ! 
Choose Your Plan

Choose the plan which fits you best and get it for the best price.

  • AnNual

1 License


  • Installation for 
    1 WordPress instance
  • Includes all functionalities
    • Unlimited updates
    • License with annual renewal
    • Annual payment

20 Licenses



  • Installation for maximum 
    20 WordPress instances
  • Includes all functionalities
    • Unlimited updates
    • License with annual renewal
    • Annual payment

5 Licenses



  • Installation for maximum 
    5 WordPress instances
  • Includes all functionalities
  • Unlimited updates 
  • License with annual renewal
  • Annual payment


Here’s a list of frequently asked questions from our customers

Is Clever Links only for WordPress?

What is the next step?

Will I receive an instruction manual?


It Easily Integrates With:

and with any service which distributes its own variables through URLs!

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